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Newave Education is an award winning independent creative organisation that works in partnership with Schools, Academy Trusts, Local Authorities, Music Hubs and Residential Centres. Newave works collaboratively with both public and private sector professionals to support educational establishments to raise the standards of teaching and learning through bespoke year round provision.

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Exploring Indian Culture

Over at Ingestre The UK is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Different cultures, cuisines and ethnic backgrounds give students the opportunity to exploring and try new things. This week the pupils from St.Peter’s CofE Primary were looking at the theme of... read more

Happy Chinese New Year!

New Year Chinese New Year is celebrated across the world but it’s also a great way to learn and understand different cultures in the classroom. As well as promoting diversity to the wider school community, the students from Hanbury Primary School were exploring... read more

Shakespearean Adventure with Whitecrest Primary

We’ve had an amazing week here at Ingestre Hall with the fantastic students from Whitecrest Primary! The student’s theme was Shakespeare, and they had to come up with different ways to express some of the ideas and motifs Shakespeare uses in his plays. A difficult... read more

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