Benefits of Arts Education

The Benefits of Arts Education can – In the recent years, the arts in UK schools have suffered a major degradation on the expense of subjects such as math and science. As a result, many children and young people were miss out on experiences quality arts experiences.

The supporters of a greater role of art education in the curriculum do not claim that the arts are superior over other subjects but they emphasise that without the arts, the future generations may lack very important skills and knowledge. They are right because the arts do not only enable children and young people to learn about art but they also enable them to develop a number of skills that play the key role in their future careers, even if these are not related to the arts.

Children and young people benefit from art education in a number of ways. But above all, the arts allow children and young people to:

  • develop aesthetic awareness and skills
  • improve their creativity and imagination
  • develop critical thinking
  • express themselves including their feelings, emotions and thinking through visual, audio, verbal and non-verbal means
  • improve their communication skills
  • develop a deeper understanding for cultural differences

Arts Council England


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