Staffordshire University PGCE Visit Ingestre Hall

Staffordshire University Over a two-day period, Ingestre Hall hosted a series of sessions for PGCE students from Staffordshire University. The purpose of these sessions was to allow all of the PGCE students to develop their own creativity as well as learning new teaching skills. Inspiration for these sessions blossomed from the books The Wonder by Faye Hanson and The Match Box Diary by Paul Fleischman. Although the purpose of these two days were to educate and advice the students, as always the fun energy and charisma that Ingestre Hall naturally provides took over. Leaving students no choice but to leap and prance around he dance studio and create various beautiful pieces of art, music and drama. Their creativity and outgoing personalities made their time at Ingestre Hall far more than enjoyable for themselves and the tutors.

Staffordshire University Day 1 consisted of the PGCE students separating into smaller groups then being assigned an art from to start, then throughout the day they would swap. In art the students created their own imaginary worlds, inspired from the book The Wonder. Then, by using various techniques such as watercolors, mixtures of salt and ink gave them new materials to learn about and work with, thus producing stunning pieces of work that represents the vivid imagination of a young child. This would then allow the students to use these techniques efficiently in a classroom. Also in drama, various theatrical techniques were explored such as freeze frames and introduction to dialogue as well as using the book The Wonder as a theme for these techniques. Allowing the students to produce their own thoughts and imagination into a piece of drama that they could then be further developed to use in the classroom. Furthermore Dance explored the book The Wonder and used pieces of narrative to create a sequence of movement and expression through the body to tell the story. Therefore, this taught the students how to engage younger students in a more physical way always as keeping to curriculum. Lastly, in music the students learnt how to use voice and instruments to create tension and expression of emotion to children. Using the ideas of dynamics and harmonies as well as tone and pitch, developed their skills as a storyteller as well as learning how to keep children engaged while telling a story.

Staffordshire University Day 2 was show time! This gave the PGCE students time to show off their work and new knowledge of the arts in a classroom environment. Going from one art form to the next portrays the variety of new skills they have learnt and developed. This massively important when it comes to teaching.  The atmosphere was full of excitement as each group presented their work. Ingestre Hall once again played a massive part in showing young adults that they are more creative than perhaps they previously thought. It has also, again, shown how the arts are for everyone’s benefit, from teachers to students to pupils.


Blog written by Georgia Penberthy – Work Placement Student


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