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Creative Arts Weeks

Newave Arts Education offer a wide range of primary and secondary creative arts packages that enhance a schools’ creative curriculum and provides deep learning thematic education experiences to students throughout the academic year. 

Our team of experienced creative arts leaders deliver high quality arts enrichment to schools and academies throughout the academic year. Our bespoke creative packages are tailor made for your school and often range from one off experiences to ongoing weekly delivery. Our curriculum linked topic weeks/days are a great way for students to engage with a theme or subject in a fun and inspiring environment. Newave creative leaders carefully plan and deliver sessions in music, dance, theatre, visual arts and digital media and ensure students are learning through practical and hands on learning.

We create ‘Wow Weeks’ or ‘Creative Learning’ experiences providing  an opportunity for children and young people to work alongside experienced creative educators focussing on a chosen theme or topic. All of our workshops are bespoke to your school’s needs and focus around a thematic and creative approach to teaching and learning. In most cases, workshops often culminate in either an exhibition, showcase or performance of work produced by the students and can be shared with teachers, peers and families as part of a wider celebration.

We offer schools the opportunity to experience:

  • Creative Music Education (composition, recording, performance, ‘My School Anthem’)
  • Music Workshops  (drumming, singing, music making from different cultures of the world)
  • Dance and Physical Theatre (Devising choreography and routines through narrative)
  • Visual Arts (Textiles, canvas work, 3d modelling, wire work)
  • Theatre Education
  • Digital Media (Film making, animation, radio and photography)

Creative Arts – Music Hub Partnerships

In some cases, we work in conjunction with a number of Music Education Hubs to support with the development and delivery of creative arts to primary and secondary schools throughout the academic year.

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