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Digital Media workshops in Film, Animation, Radio and Photography

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Digital Media Workshops

Newave’s Digital Media workshops are an exciting and hands-on experience for primary school students to experience a range of techniques in animation, film making, radio production and photography.

Workshops are led by experienced digital media practitioners and are centred around your schools theme or chosen topic of focus. Our tutors support students and staff through the various processes of production and provide all the necessary resources and equipment to work the workshops as smoothly as possible.

Our workshops often culminate in a showcase or exhibition of all the work produced that can be shared with friends, peers and family members as well as every child receiving a copy of their creation. Our tutors have vast experience delivering workshops based around chosen themes ranging from ‘British Values’, ‘World War’, ‘Tutors’, Super Heros’ and many more. For theme ideas, please check out our ‘Wow Weeks’ page by clicking the link provided.

Our digital media school workshops are categorised into the following areas:

  • Animation Workshops
  • Film and Video Workshops
  • Photography Workshops
  • Radio Workshops
  • Music Production Workshops


How To Book Your Workshop

To book a workshop please use our enquiry form found on ‘Contact Us’ section of the website. If you would like to speak to a member of our team directly, please contact us using the main office line on 01543 444 293.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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