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My School Anthem is a unique music making project designed to engage the whole school

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It was pleasure working with John and John on Greysbrooke’s School Anthem. Staff and students were engaged throughout and produced a fantastic anthem for our school. We sing this every morning in assembly. Thank you

Head Teacher, Greysbrooke Primay School

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My School Anthem Project

My School Anthem is a unique music-making creative project that supports schools to write, record and perform their very own School Anthem. This fun, creative and inspiring music project engages students, staff and sometimes parents in the process of creative writing, recording and production techniques. 

The project is run by two highly qualified music leaders, John Percival and John Sambrook who have over 20 years experience working within music education and music production. Both music practitioners have unique skill sets that complement each other, making the project an unforgettable experience for students and staff.

My School Anthem

As the project is bespoke to each school, both tutors work closely with school staff to identify the particular area of focus. This may be:

  • Focusing on your school’s ethos or values
  • A school re-brand or launch (i.e. New Forms or Houses, New School Name etc)
  • A new identity for your school under new leadership
  • A particular subject area or issue that needs addressing (My Class Anthem)
  • A celebration

Whatever the requirements, the project is bespoke and will be discussed and planned in detail before workshops commence.

The Proposal – Once we have explored the areas your school would like to address or celebrate, we will put together a proposal outlining workshop aims, timetabling and outcomes. This will be completed in the form of a ‘My School Anthem’ Proposal and sent to your school.

Delivery – All equipment and resources will be provided by the visiting music practitioners. This includes all recording equipment such as microphones and music studio setup. Workshops will be delivered on your school’s site and work around the timetable. In most cases, workshops are split into year groups with each group having a least one day with the music producers to compose and record the anthem. However, if you require a Class Anthem, then the delivery times will differ slightly. This is all dependent on your budget and project aims.

The process – students and staff will take part in a variety of music making exercises and workshops, which are designed to get the best out of the participants. These include:

  • Ice breaker games focusing on encouraging confidence in singing / rapping and rhythmical exercises
  • Creative writing skills focusing on lyric writing and poetry
  • Musical skills and terminology – song analysis ‘What Makes a Good Song’ and identifying musical expressions correctly
  • Production skills focusing on midi and instrument recording. Sampling and whole group recording. This may include incorporating wider opportunities and recording as a whole group
  • Singing and vocal techniques including encouraging confidence and voice projection.

There are many other areas we cover and this will be discussed with the school if they have a particular emphasis or music focus.

For more details on My School Anthem, please use the Quick Enquiry form to the left hand side of the page or call us on 01543 479 990.

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