Exploring Indian Culture

Over at Ingestre

The UK is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Different cultures, cuisines and ethnic backgrounds give students the opportunity to exploring and try new things. This week the pupils from St.Peter’s CofE Primary were looking at the theme of India over at Ingestre Hall. Discovering it through the art forms of visual art, music, dance and drama.

The Process

During Diwali, Hindus retell the story of Rama and Sita. An ancient fable that teaches us to be dutiful and to work as a team. The drama students used this as their main focus. Using a range of dramatical devices and creating their very own script, the pupils came up with an amazing adaptation of the story which was throughly enjoyed by their audience.

Another form of story in Indian culture are the Panchatantras. A collection of ancient animal fables that guide and teach readers. The dancers used the story of ‘The Mousemaid’ to develop their understanding of the weeks theme. Within their workshops they were able to translate the story into physical movement which created a beautiful and interesting adaptation to the story.

Over in music the students developed some of their own stories. Focusing on the Indian rain forest, they created amazing lyrics about the animals that lived there, protecting their home. Music also offered a great gateway into Indian instruments and rhythms. Things like the tabla, sitar and tanpura. This gave pupils the tools to make some fantastic and interesting songs.

In art they were exploring some of the great architectural wonders and visual masterpieces associated with India. Looking at things like the Tag-Mahal, the Indian rainforest, and many of the creatures that can be found in India. With this they created some amazing art pieces.

The Finale

Overall, the students really enjoyed their sharing. Many of the art pieces they created really reflected their discovery of Indian culture and were able to take the things they’d learnt back into the classroom.

Be sure to check out some of the art work and pieces we created with St.Peters CofE over on our social media pages below!


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