In Focus: Frank Chapman

Frank Chapman

We’re really lucky here at Newave to work with some of the best residential centres in the UK. The Frank Chapman Outdoor Centre was set up over 80 years ago by Mr. Frank Chapman who was the former chairman of the Smethwick Education Committee. The centre has developed into a place where visitors can experience a wide range of activities as well as learning about the environment and the wider world. 

Values, Benefits and Ethos

The Frank Chapman centre focuses on developing key skills through activities to get students thinking about their place in the wider world. This is split into four different categories.

Social awareness allows young people to develop key skills in communicating and sharing ideas to others, listening and problem solving. Students learn this through adventurous activities like climbing, pioneering and building shelters.

Another important development for young people is understanding shared and agreed values in society, including development of their own principles. They’ll experience this when helping others throughout their stay or pushing those to go above and beyond their own expectations. 

The Frank Chapman Centre is a computer game and mobile phone free zone. This is so young people can fully enjoy the outdoors and value a non-material dimension to life.

The UK is a diverse place with many people from many different ethnic groups and backgrounds. Cultural development is important to show students that we are all equal through everything we do. 

Your next residential

So what are you waiting for! The Frank Chapman Centre is a fantastic residential retreat that helps develop young people’s outlook on the world and creates memories they’ll never forget.

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