Shakespearean Adventure with Whitecrest Primary

We’ve had an amazing week here at Ingestre Hall with the fantastic students from Whitecrest Primary! The student’s theme was Shakespeare, and they had to come up with different ways to express some of the ideas and motifs Shakespeare uses in his plays. A difficult task ahead, but one that all our tutors knew the students could accomplish using their imagination and creativity.

In music, they were using the story of Romeo and Juliet to write and record an amazing song. Along with the guidance of one of our Newave tutors Ollie, they were able to accomplish not only one but two brilliant songs! A real achievement for such dedicated and hard work pupils.

Over in dance, they were looking at how forests are used in Shakespeare’s stories to create mystical and dark performances. Tara, one of Newave’s dance tutors looked at the stories of ‘As you Like It’ and ‘Macbeth’ and helped pupils create beautiful motifs through physical movement. Creating the mysticality of a forest through movement is a challenge for any performer and yet the pupils did an amazing job at doing so. 

Though you can read and perform many of Shakespeare’s scripts, it’s always interesting to see how students interpret and act them out in dramatical performances. This is what Richard and our drama student’s were discovering when they were looking at The Tempest. A world of magicians, mystical creatures, tragedy and hubris. With a lengthy story to tell, the student’s did a fantastic job at creating an immersive piece that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Shakespeare is known to a be a master wordsmith, painting a canvas in one’s imagination. Visualising this would be down to our artists with the guiding hand of Heather, one of Ingestre Hall’s art tutors. Through the use of colour and materials, they were able to create some intricate pieces of art, showcasing the masquerade ball, the love between Romeo and Juliet and their eventual demise.

Overall it was another amazing time at Ingestre and we loved having our friends from Whitecrest Primary over. We hope to see them again soon!


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