‘Wow Week’ Experiences

Wow Week

As part of our award winning creative arts services, we provide a range of workshops and activities that help students become more creative in the classroom. Our ‘Wow Week’ enrichment experiences are a perfect way to inspire students on different subjects or topics they are focusing on in class. 

How it works? 

All of our workshops are bespoke to the school’s needs and focus around a thematic and creative approach to teaching and learning. Using a topic or subject that students are focusing on in class, our experienced creative educators then create devise a set of amazing immersive workshops for the week. 

In most cases, workshops often culminate in either an exhibition, showcase or performance of work produced by the children. This can then be shared with teachers, peers and families as part of a wider celebration. 

What your Wow experience includes

We offer six fantastic art forms that offer provide a range of artistic experiences and delivery. 

Creative Music Education – Bringing the music studio to the classroom and getting students to produce and create their very own song! 

Music Workshops – Getting pupils to perform and play new instruments, whilst experiencing different music cultures and backgrounds. 

Dance and Physical Theatre – Devising and choreographing beautiful dance pieces that create interesting narratives. 

Visual Arts – Painting, building, drawing and moulding fantastic art installations and pieces.

Theatre Education – Developing pupils’ acting skills as well as script writing, directing, stage management and devising. 

Digital Media – Learning Developing skills in photography, videography and radio. To see the world in a different way! 

More details, including examples of past projects and how to book your next ‘Wow Week’ can be found here

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