BPSO Filming At Ingestre Hall

On the weekend of the 11th of July, Ingestre Hall welcomed the BPSO (British Police Symphony Orchestra) along with children from multiple schools for a weekend of creative workshops and filming. They not only brought instruments and creativity with them, they also gave Ingestre a lively fun atmosphere full of friendly smiles and delightful conversations. 

British Police Symphony Orchestra To start off the day, the BPSO began rehearsals prior to the children arriving thus giving Newave Arts film makers a chance to see the orchestra in full action. As soon as the school arrived and had been shown around the building, members of the BPSO immediately got the children engaged and excited by introducing songs to get to know one another, along with a Q and A session about their jobs as police women and men.

For the performance the children were put into groups then allocated a buddy, who were part of the orchestra, and these where the groups of the workshops. The workshops were devised to allow the children’s mind to think creatively and co-ordinate the creativity with literature. They achieved this by dividing the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel into seven sections, and each group would make sounds that help tell that particular part of the story. After the BPSO’s performance for the children and lunch, the workshops began. Since the weather was on their side, the workshops took place outside the front of Ingestre Hall.

BPSO Outreach 2016After an hour or so of hard work, fun and lots of imagination, the groups had finished their pieces of music to Hansel and Gretel. So the performance began. Each group read out loud there section of the story, along with the rest of the group members playing a variety of instruments that accompanied what the story was telling. Such as, when Hansel and Gretel were hungry one child bounced a bow on the violin strings to create a sound effect that sounded like a rumbling tummy. Another group incorporated movement and drama into their pieces so the music created an atmosphere as well as sound effects.

The day ended with the children getting involved in the BPSO’s performance of Hansel and Gretel, their last task was to help conduct a piece of the music of their choice. As you can imagine, lots of the children chose ‘the loud part’ of the piece so when the BPSO’s instruments boomed around the room the children had smiles stretching as high as their ears. Overall, the day was a huge success in terms of the children learning and experiencing music for the first time, along with being creative and being  part of the BPSO for a day. The final film of the day will be shared at the BPSO concert in December at The Symphony Hall.

Blog by Georgia Penberthy – Newave / Ingestre placement student

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