How to re-pressurise a boiler

Here is an example of a recent creative film project ‘How to repressurise a Boiler’, where Newave were commissioned to work alongside a leading heating company (Renuvo) to produce a series of helpful ‘how to guides’.

This first video is a guide on ‘How to re-pressurise a Boiler’. This video has been viewed more than 150 thousand times. This is the first in a number of helpful video guides designed to support homeowners and tenants with problems they may encounter with their heating system, during winter.

How To Repressurise a Boiler (Helpful Guide)

Repressurising a Boiler (Written Guiden)

To top up your system and increase the pressure, you will need to locate your filling loop. This is usually a silver or grey coloured flexible hose with a small valve at each end. You’ll find it either underneath your boiler or nearby:

Please ensure the boiler is switched off and the system is cool.

  • The hose will have a valve at both ends.  Make sure that both ends of the hose are securely attached to both valves.
  • You can open the valves either by tap handles, or by using a flat headed screwdriver.
  • Open both valves to allow the cold mains water into the system.
  • You should hear water filling the system.
  • Keep an eye on the pressure gauge until it reaches 1.5bar. Close both valves, one after the other.

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